Vill Du Öka Din Omsättning Och Skapa Tillväxt?

Vi hjälper dig från Idé till efter analysering samt vidareutveckling av digital marknadsföring

Mötet är till för dig som: 

  • Är intresserad att skapa ett nytt verktyg som hjälper dig att stärka ditt varumärke och skapa tillväxt
  • Vill få bättre resultat från nuvarande annonser 
  • Känner längtan att hitta fler källor till intäkter 
  • Undrar vad Performance marketing är och hur det fungerar

Ansök gratis strategi möte idag!

värde av ca 10.000kr

Return of Investment

0 %
0 %


  • strategy 3 days
  • filming 3 days
  • Editing 3 days

During the campaign, Erik developed:

  • Webinar 2 days
  • landing page 2 days
  • Automated marketing email 3 days
  • Ad optimization 2 days


Content is extremely important and this is a practical example of it. It does not have to be the best quality, but trustworthy and relevant to the audience. This ad was performing above all other ads in the same target group. This means that we got a lot of traffic for a cheap price, great interaction, loads of conversion. Basically, where we  getting amazing results

Winning creative

Performed better than all other ads within the same audience

Converted a total of 25 sek per registered for a webinar

Basically couldn’t we get better results from an ad. Therefore did we made improvements further down in the user experience in the campaign, such as optimizing webinars, emails, landing pages, etc. 


To urn trust did we create a lot of webinars where people could ask and get more time with the course leader. To make this time effective we did pre-record 70% of the webinar and the course leader was speaking live only when she said hi and at the end where she answered questions.

Conclusion of the campaign

We met the target group right in the heart. One of the challenges was that several did not want to attend the course because of course start was right before summer vacations, but we collected a lot of leads and made a great ROI of 921%. A stunning campaign which can be even better next time! 


Recommendations for coming campaigns 

Create more courses so more people can purchase.
To scale up faster, can we test other countries as the Nordic and may start testing the USA (in the USA is the traffic warmer and the trend is much bigger…)
More course starts
More webinars
More automated steps like email.
More pre-recorded for the webinar
More commercials
More time to plan commercials and more filming opportunities
Better landing pages

Hej! Erik heter jag

Jag har varit konsult sedan 2015 inom content marketing och på senare år utvecklat det till det nya hippa Performance Marketing. 

Med över 

  • 300 producerade YouTube filmer
  • 100 reklamfilmer 
  • 2 dokumentärfilmer 

Kan jag tryggt säga att jag vet hur vi ska få personer att engagera sig med ditt varumärke på sociala medier och få att dem att köpa

Increased turnover with

0 %

As is for most ski resorts you are faced with the problem of extreme based sales. Together with Åre, the biggest ski resort in Sweden we tackled this issue and tried to achieve a greater balance, and most importantly a larger turnover during off-seasons. During the the Swedish school year there is an autumn school break that ended up as our focus for the project.

Working with all the great and fun activities available in Åre we built a campaign that generated an increase of 30% turnover for the entire village compared to previous years.

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