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As is for most ski resorts you are faced with the problem of extreme based sales. Together with Åre, the biggest ski resort in Sweden we tackled this issue and tried to achieve a greater balance, and most importantly a larger turnover during off-seasons. During the the Swedish school year there is an autumn school break that ended up as our focus for the project.

Working with all the great and fun activities available in Åre we built a campaign that generated an increase of 30% turnover for the entire village compared to previous years.

I think we absolutely got the effect we were looking for, everyone liked it and shared it. I was in Östersund at a meeting and they talked about that they had seen such a damn good film about the autumn holidays in Åre. So fun and awesome work!
Thomas Berglöf
Åre Sweden

Return of Investment

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With the help of SkataMarketing's strong commitment and knowledge, did we managed too developed a successful sale channel and I'm looking forward for coming campaigns.
Lilian Alterskjaer
Educations online


  • strategy 3 days
  • filming 3 days
  • Editing 3 days

During the campaign, Erik developed:

  • Webinar 2 days
  • landing page 2 days
  • Automated marketing email 3 days
  • Ad optimization 2 days


Content is extremely important and this is a practical example of it. It does not have to be the best quality, but trustworthy and relevant to the audience. This ad was performing above all other ads in the same target group. This means that we got a lot of traffic for a cheap price, great interaction, loads of conversion. Basically, where we  getting amazing results

Winning creative

Performed better than all other ads within the same audience

Converted a total of 25 sek per registered for a webinar

Basically couldn’t we get better results from an ad. Therefore did we made improvements further down in the user experience in the campaign, such as optimizing webinars, emails, landing pages, etc. 


To urn trust did we create a lot of webinars where people could ask and get more time with the course leader. To make this time effective we did pre-record 70% of the webinar and the course leader was speaking live only when she said hi and at the end where she answered questions.

Conclusion of the campaign

We met the target group right in the heart. One of the challenges was that several did not want to attend the course because of course start was right before summer vacations, but we collected a lot of leads and made a great ROI of 921%. A stunning campaign which can be even better next time! 


Recommendations for coming campaigns 

Create more courses so more people can purchase.
To scale up faster, can we test other countries as the Nordic and may start testing the USA (in the USA is the traffic warmer and the trend is much bigger…)
More course starts
More webinars
More automated steps like email.
More pre-recorded for the webinar
More commercials
More time to plan commercials and more filming opportunities
Better landing pages

Hi or Hej as we say in Sweden!

My name is Erik and I’m the team leader of Skata Marketing.  I would say that I’m an expert and have unique expertise in the area. Therefore can I help you with creating fast accelerating growth. Contact me today and find out if my and my team’s expertise or advice can help you reach your goals!

[email protected] or 073-082 97 15

Increased Customers In-store by

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Increased Customers In-store by

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1. App and web development

We always want to track user’s behaviors, such as if a user has click “show directions” or visited the store because we want to measure the success of the campaigns, and that’s the main reason we created a trackable QR-code. It gives us a real number of purchases in-store are connected to the ads.  

A user creates a QR code on the web. After that does the user shows the QR code in the store and a worker scans it and the application identifies the user. FYI we costum built/created the app and the web QR-code generator

This gives us powerful data that we can use to retarget and make more sales. We can send a reminder to those who haven’t gotten their pizza and we can send a new offer to those who have gotten etc. Most important, is that with this function can we measure the success of the campaign and use that data to enhance in for coming campaigns.


The goal was to get people to try the client’s pizza. We knew that we had to do something which was education and convincing. The client knew how good the pizza is but few do. Therefore record we ordinary people trying the pizza for the first time and used their reactions to showcase how people enjoyed it. And they did. The commercials were convincing and trustworthy.

To make the best out of the content did we create 3 different ads with 3 different variations.

Also wan to increase Purchase in store?

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Also wan to increase Purchase in store?

Vissa denna QR-kod på fleminggatan 77 eller den som skickades till din e-postadress. Kontrollera din inkorg eller skräppostmapp för QR-kod

1. Website Optimization

We started with creating changes to the web, such as easing the checkout, making a more straightforward design, and created two landing pages to see which converted the most.

We noticed that landing page 1 was performing a lot more than other cause of an endless scroll of products, choose’s of structure, and product sorting.

2. Creatives

We knew that the mask’s demand was high, so we created product-based ads aligned with the brand. During the test, the face could see that women were converting for a lower cost.

Cause of that, did we create more appealing content for women, which increase results by 200%

3. During the campaing period

We optimized ads, tested audiences, and created new content for continually increasing profits. We made a total of 90 ads and 18 commercials

4. Results

4. Results

The client was satisfied with the results, and you can see a break because they couldn’t keep up with the success. Orders were overwhelming, and they were struggling with finishing them in time. So we paused and continued a week later.


Let’s us help you take your bussnins to the sky

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